Color wheel

This week at Kiddie Kollege, we're talking about colors and color mixing. As a fun way to introduce the concept of colors, we made a color wheel unique to our classroom. Before the kids got there, I painted a large color wheel on cardboard and cut it out. I also gathered different things from around the school that were either a primary or secondary color and placed them in different bags by color. When the kids got there, each child got to choose a color on the wheel to work on. With a teacher's help, they glued all of the things on that I had found of that color.

I was actually surprised at how long this engaged their attention. Usually with 2-3 year olds, we're lucky to spend about 10 minutes on an art project. They stuck with this until their bags were empty, which took around 20 minutes.

A cool variation on this idea is to have the children bring things from home for each color. Since we're only spending one week on this topic (and since we only meet two days a week), that didn't seem like a good option for us.