Post pregnancy wish list

Baby Metzger is supposed to make his appearance a month from today! So exciting!! People often ask me if I've enjoyed pregnancy and if I'm ready to be done. My answer: I've honestly not minded being pregnant most of the time. I haven't been sick and have only had occasional back pain. God has definitely blessed me with an easy pregnancy thus far. But, I am ready to meet my son and see his dad hold him. I'm ready to have my body back. And I'm ready to get working on my post pregnancy wish list:

1. Sleep on my stomach. I haven't slept on my stomach yet, because Elias is usually sleeping beside me and I don't want to roll over on him. But I've definitely laid on my stomach.

2. Do a sit-up. Every time I sit up before getting out of bed. No more rolling off the side of the bed for this girl!

3. Ride a bike.

4. Hug my knees to my chest. Yep!

5. Run.

6. Go two hours without having to pee.

7. Wear pants with buttons. So nice!

8. Look at my toes while standing up.

9. Wash the dishes without my belly hitting the sink.

10. Give frontal hugs. This is my favorite. It's awesome to have Peter completely wrap me up in a hug again :)

Some of those might seem silly, but I really do miss doing a sit-up and though my elastic band pants are comfortable, buttons are cooler.