Toddler Chores

As Elias gets older, I try to find simple things for him to do around the house that make him feel like he's helping out (because he loves to feel needed) and that are actually helpful (because he knows the difference between something that's just meant to keep him busy and something that's actually a big help to me). 

-throwing diapers (or other trash) away

- putting the silverware away

-giving Amelia her pacifier

-putting toys away

-fetching things for me (pacifiers, diapers, books, etc)

-getting in and out of the carseat/stroller (not a chore, but it's extremely helpful when my hands are full)

-setting the table

-putting his dishes in the sink

He doesn't have specific chores each day yet, but I hope to gradually move in that direction as he gets older.