"Eight Days Gone"

I discovered a fantastic book during my last trip to the library. It was quite by accident. It was a typical library visit ... me juggling Amelia while sorting through the drawers of picture book, all the while keeping an eye on Elias who had gone to check out the children's computers. I had found several good book that I thought Elias and Amelia would like. And then I saw it. "Eight Days Gone," by Linda McReynolds. A children's book about the moon that was not completely fantasy (not that I mind fiction, but some historical accuracy is nice every once in a while too). Elias has been completely absorbed with the moon so I thought this would be a book he would enjoy.

I was right. He repeated the words as I read them, soaking everything in. I will not be surprised if he pulls the book back out and recites every word. Especially interesting to him were the pictures of the craters. I plan to do a little art project with him in which we make a moon with craters using flour and paint. 

After I read it to him, he took the book to his daddy and asked tons of questions about the pictures. Peter is just as intrigued by the moon as Elias is, so he was completely qualified to answer every little question. I love that they share this common interest.