Tips for getting rid of clutter

If you are here, you have probably decided to join me in my 40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge. Check out the original idea to get more information about the event. 

Here are a few tips for successfully completing this challenge and getting rid of lots of stuff. 

Don't Organize

This is very difficult for me to say, because I love to organize everything. But now is not the time to organize. Now is the time to purge. Organizing comes later. Trust me, it is way easier to organize everything when you don't have so much of everything. 

Pick a Time

Schedule this into your day, at the same time every day if possible. Make it as routine as brushing your teeth. Pick a time when your kids won't be around. Set a reminder. Stay consistent. 

Limit Your Time

If you are honest with yourself, you could probably spend half a day decluttering one space, but real life will still be happening so that isn't realistic. Give yourself a time limit and then focus only on the task at hand. Set a timer and stop when it goes off. Get in. Get out. 

Involve Your Family

Let your spouse and kids help, especially if the space you're working on is also their space. Don't cause familial disputes by throwing out your child's favorite toy or your spouse's childhood keepsake. Some things are not important to you but they are important to them. Figure it out together.