Where does the clutter go? (Part 2)

Today is the first day of our 40 Bags in 40 Days Decluttering Challenge! Here is the free daily progress printable again if you need it from White House Black Shutters.

Last time, we covered Part 1 of our "Where does the clutter go?" mini series. Today we'll be talking about where we can sell our stuff to earn a little extra cash to help fill out the kids' wardrobes.

Selling stuff is not for everyone as it takes a little more time and effort than just donating stuff. But if you are able to do it, I encourage you to do so. I personally sell things through a variety of vendors.

Facebook Garage Sale Pages

I have found these to be great for selling children's clothes, toys, and nice household furniture. You can find one in your area simply by searching for "garage sale" and your city name in the facebook search bar. You will often need to meet people to actually sell your items, though bin pick ups at your house are becoming popular.


This is great for pretty much everything, from musical instruments to tools to furniture to children's clothes. And, the buyer comes to you. 

(Online) Consignment Shops 

It is a little harder to sell clothes at these locations as everything needs to be in pristine condition, so these can be hit or miss. The two online stores that I like are ThredUP and Twice. The great thing about the online consignment shops is that they'll send you a postage-paid bag to fill that you can then leave with your mailman so you never need to leave the house. The bad thing about the online consignment shops is that if they don't accept your clothing, they just donate it (unless you have already paid an expensive fee to have them ship your clothes back). We also have a Once Upon a Child, Clothes Mentor, and Plato's Closet in town. 

Children's Resale

We have several area children's resales each spring and fall. Like consignment shops, resales have higher standards than a thrift store, but in my opinion they aren't as hard to sell at as consignment shops. You will need to contact the event hosts to get a seller packet (which costs a few dollars) with price tags and instructions. I am planning to sell at one for the first time this year, assuming that I have enough things to sell that are in nice condition.

Garage Sale 

And finally, the trusty garage sale. We had one this past summer and did pretty well. However, with this challenge taking place in the winter/early spring, you'll need to hang onto stuff for a really long time. If you have room for it, great. If not, consider decluttering a second time closer to warmer weather. If you do end up going the garage sale route, I would recommend pricing items as you throw them into the garage sale bin to save yourself a lot of time later on. 

The next post in our 40 Bags in 40 Days Series will be part three of the "Where does the clutter go?" mini series.

Where do you like to sell your secondhand items?