Day 9 - Pinterest Boards

I use Pinterest a lot. Mostly for recipes, but also for preschool, gardening, sewing, and house ideas. I went through all of my boards (over a two day span actually. I have a lot of pins), and reorganized them into smaller boards. I also deleted several boards that had been for specific events or just weren't necessary anymore.  

I spent the majority of the time on all of my recipe boards. Prior to this, I had one big board with all of my meat recipes (beef, pork, chicken, fish, and seafood). It was so big that I had a hard time finding anything. So I made four smaller boards for each kind of meat so recipes can be found more easily. I did the same thing with a board titled "Rice/Beans/Pasta" - I gave each category its own board and relocated all of the pins.

I also renamed all of my food related boards so each one starts with "Food - _______." This creates uniformity and also puts them in alphabetical order in the menu that you see when choosing which board to pin something to. I then manually reorganized my profile page so the boards are all in alphabetical order. You can check out my profile to see exactly what I'm talking about. 

Here are two things I learned while dividing up my recipe boards: 

1. Scan through the entire board first and rename the original board after whatever type of pin you have the most of. For example, I should have renamed my "Meat" board "Chicken." This would have saved me a lot of time. But instead, I created a new board called "Chicken" and had to move the majority of the original board's pins to the "Chicken" board. 

2. If you're planning to move a lot of pins from one board to another, start at the bottom. When you start at the top, lower pins keep jumping up to the top and it feels like you'll never end. Starting at the bottom helps you feel like you're making progress faster, whether you really are or not.