Staying Motivated

You're a week in. So far, you've decluttered 7 spaces! Give yourself a hand. You stuck with it and showed the junk who was boss. 

And now comes the slump. This isn't quite so cool anymore. Some of the spaces you wrote down you anticipate to be monumentally difficult (or maybe that's just me). So how do you stay motivated for the next 33 days of this challenge?

1. Check the facebook group daily. Feed off of other people's progress. 

2. Post before and after photos in the group, your own facebook wall, twitter, your blog, wherever people will see it and hold you accountable. 

3. Don't tackle hard spaces in consecutive days. Instead, sprinkle them throughout the challenge and surround them with easy areas so you don't get burned out.

4. Give yourself a time limit. You can do something unpleasant for 10-15 minutes. Especially if there's chocolate waiting for you at the end ;)