Day 13 - Top Kitchen Cabinets

I went through all of the top cabinets in the kitchen today. I found two plastic containers, one sippy cup, and 3 vases to donate; one restaurant kid's cup to recycle; and a set of cake decorating tips that I don't need anymore (my mom gave me her larger set) to sell. 

While I was decluttering high things in the kitchen, I decided to go through everything on top of the refrigerator too. I actually couldn't get to the cabinets above the fridge without taking everything off. I relocated several items, including 3 CD's, 4 old Christmas cards, 2 lighters, a door hinge and accompanying screws, Elias' artwork, and broken lid, and a recipe. I scrubbed the top really well to get all of the kitchen grime off before putting my casserole dishes, baking trays, and two large serving trays back up there.