Day 31 - Recycling

Today was a bit of an odd decluttering day. I didn't stick with one space like I normally do. Instead, I traveled throughout the house, picking up all of the recyclables that had accumulated and were waiting for the recycle bin to be empty again (today was recycle pick-up). We had several piles of deconstructed boxes lying around, as well as a large cardboard airplane I made several months ago that had seen its last days. By the time I was finished, the dumpster was full again, so that tells you how many boxes we had lying around.

I also tossed an expired carseat that had been sitting in our basement for a few years. I felt bad throwing it out, which is why it sat down there for so long. But after doing some research, I discovered that I really couldn't do much else with it except throw it away, unless I wanted to completely deconstruct it and recycle a few bits. While that is obviously the best option, it isn't a practical option with two children needing attention.