A few months ago, we had an entire box of spaghetti (the large family size) fall down the stairs and spill all over the nasty basement carpet. I couldn't bring myself to throw it all away, so I've been saving it for sensory play. 

I finally busted it out today. We're all going a little stir crazy waiting for spring and warm weather, so something new was what we needed to make the afternoon go a little faster. 

Elias started eating the noodles right away. Amelia doesn't like noodles, so she busied herself making piles on the floor and pulling all of the animals out. 

I got smart about halfway through and stripped most of their clothes off so they wouldn't drag mushy noodles all over the house. This naturally invited feet to partake in the fun. 

This was definitely an easy sensory station to set up, but it wasn't my kids favorite. They prefer sensory bins with pouring and scooping. However, it did keep them busy while I got the spaghetti we had for supper ready.