Rainbows and shamrocks

This week at Kiddie Kollege, we talked about rainbows and St Patrick's Day. When we talked about rainbows, our art project was creating a rainbow out of dyed noodles. I spent a couple of hours the day before dying them. The instructions I found online said to pour vinegar into a bag, add food coloring, and then the noodles. I think the vinegar helps the noodles hold their color. It worked pretty well for me, except for the fact that everything then smelled like vinegar.



The hardest part of the dying process was making indigo and violet. I believe part of the issue was that the noodles were yellow, so the colors were a bit skewed.

When it came time to do the actual art project, I gave each of the kids a pre colored rainbow. This allowed them to practice their color recognition as well as make it easier to know which arc to put each color in. We added some cotton for the clouds.


All in all, it was a very simple art project that the kids really enjoyed.

On Thursday, we introduced the kids to St Patrick's Day. We read a story about St Patrick, talked about some Irish traditions that go along with the holiday, and showed a shamrock plant. We learned that St Patrick used the shamrock to teach the people of Ireland about the Holy Trinity. Following that theme, we made our own shamrocks for art.


Probably the biggest hit of the day were the green milkshakes we had for snack ... ice cream, milk, and green food coloring blended together and topped with ready whip and sprinkles. Not the healthiest snack ever, but definitely delicious.