One Month!

Somehow, my sweet boy is already one month old!

He has been a very good baby so far. Generally he'll wake up once or twice during the night to eat, but sleep soundly between feedings. Right now, we're working on getting him to sleep in his crib. He really like to snuggle up with us, but it seems like our bed gets smaller every night! I have been putting him down for naps in his crib throughout the day in the hopes that he'll get used to sleeping by himself. We'll see how well this strategy works.

Two weeks ago, I started using cloth diapers at home. I absolutely love them! Although it's a little more work, I'm pretty sure they're gentler on his bum than the disposables. Besides, my great-aunt bought me a months worth of diaper service, so I don't have to wash anything yet except for the covers! I may be singing a different tune when I have to rinse out the soiled liners myself.

My recovery has seemed pretty fast to me. I haven't had any pain from the incision for a good two weeks and the glue the doctor used to close me up with is mostly gone. I'm finally getting used to being up with Elias throughout the night, which makes the days much less tiring.

Peter is doing a fine job at being a daddy. I love watching him sing to Elias and hearing him tell Elias how much mommy, daddy, and Jesus love him. I am so thankful my boy has a dad that loves God and isn't afraid to show it.