Impossible Abs

Starting tomorrow, Peter and I will be doing an 8 week nutrition/exercise program called Impossible Abs. The program was created by Peter's cousin, Joel Runyon. The primary focus is on diet. We will be greatly changing our eating habits by eating only meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. So, no pasta, bread, cereal, candy, yogurt, milk, cheese, etc. It will be challenging, but I believe it will also help us to have more energy and lose some unwanted pudge. The other 20 % of the plan is exercise. We have an exercise plan we will be following that details exactly what we should be doing each day.

Every Sunday will be our weigh in day. We will also be documenting our progress with weekly pictures.

You're probably wondering why we would be doing this to ourselves. Well, the first reason is that we eat a lot of junk that no human should be consuming. Food that benefits us in no way, shape, or form and generally results in some kind of crash a short while after eating it. Another reason is to get back into shape. Since having Elias, I've done very little exercise, other than tote a baby and laundry around. Peter has the problem that many Americans do ... he sits at a desk all day and then is tired when he gets home and has no desire to be active. The reason we chose this particular diet plan is because it makes sense. We will be filling our bodies with energy producing foods, not starving ourselves, eating natural foods that haven't been altered or created in a factory, and moving more.

As we progress in the diet, my plan is to post some of our favorite recipes, update readers on our fitness progress, and probably whine a little bit. We're excited to begin this journey and invite you to hold us accountable. But please don't tempt us with delicious smelling cookies :)