Impossible Abs - week 6/8

Almost six weeks have gone by since Peter and I started the Impossible Abs challenge and I think this is the first update I've given. Oops. Despite my failure to communicate it, we have been making progress in our fat burning, abs building regimen. Despite cheating quite often, not doing all of the exercises, and sometime eating outside our meal windows, we have both managed to burn a lot of fat and lose weight. As of today, Peter is down almost 15 lbs while I've lost about 6. My excuse for losing so little is that since April, I've already lost about 45 lbs, most of which was baby weight. I have burned a lot of fat though and now weigh what I did my junior year of high school. Maybe, just maybe, I'll post before and after pictures on here in two weeks when we're completely finished. Speaking of being completely finished, the very first week of Impossible Abs, we adamantly declared that we were going to have a gut busting pizza party the day we finished (Nov. 18th) and I even made it an event on my good ol' google calendar. But since the cravings have diminished significantly and we've acquired this new energy and are feeling great about our bodies, our resolve to gorge ourselves is waning. You see, we've discovered that we like the food on our new diet. So many fresh fruits, veggies, meats, and nuts. In fact, our bodies like it. One Sunday, we decided to cheat big time and had a lunch of mashed potatoes, noodles, rolls, etc. Though full at the end of the meal, I was completely unsatisfied and ended up eating a bunch of meat afterward to satisfy my emptiness. So though we will most definitely be eating pizza and bread and cookies and all of the other delicious foods we've denied ourselves the last six weeks, we will also carry a lot of the foods from the diet over into everyday life.