9 months!

Somehow, my baby is 9 months old! This last month has brought many new things. Elias now has his own room, which we all think is awesome. So far, he's only had one night since we've moved in to our new house where he's actually slept all night in his room, but we'll get there. He is also becoming rather mobile! Although he can't crawl yet, he can scootch on his belly and bottom, go from a sitting to crawling position, and pull himself up to an almost standing position. He also loves to walk and run while holding onto our fingers. Often when he's sitting on my lap, he'll reach for my fingers and then scoot off of my knees onto floor. When the time comes that he can walk on his own, he's going to be a hard one to catch. He loves to play, talk, and mimic others. Today, I caught him trying to whistle like me.

Technology is still his favorite. Remote controls, cellphones, computers, the iPad, mouse ... you name it. If it has lights or makes noise and is black or silver, he wants it.

At the doctor's today, he was 18.1 lbs and 27 1/2 inches long. He hasn't grown too much since his 6 month visit, but that doesn't surprise me. I expect him to be rather petite at least through elementary school.

Elias is becoming more expressive as well.

Some of his newly discovered skills are opening and closing things (books, cupboards, boxes, baby wipes containers), turning the lights off (he can push the switch down but hasn't figured out how to pull it up yet), tearing paper (this was a hit over Christmas), and flirting with girls (particularly his aunts). He is a champion at sitting up and can almost get there from laying down by himself.