Cardboard box transformation

After unpacking tons of boxes and accidentally missing the recycling day twice, our garage has begun to look like a warehouse. Coincidentally, I've been needing a place to put all of our craft and office supplies. Our office/craft/play room in the basement has some great shelves, so I decided to put all of those boxes to good use. I found a blog post online that showed how the lady had cut her cardboard into pieces and then reassembled them into boxes that fit on her shelves. She used a hot glue gun. I used packing tape (because I don't have a hot glue gun). It seems to have worked out just as well.

I used Mod Podge to put some fabric on the fronts of the boxes so they are a little more pleasing to the eye. Since then, I have also added some dividers to a few of the boxes to sort pens, markers, glue, etc.