11 months!

Elias is getting really good at standing up. He likes to practice on his dresser.

Baby gates have become essential since he's now crawling at high speeds and climbing stairs.

He still loves to try new food and is now basically eating everything we eat.

It's always fun when Tomass comes over to play.

Every once in a while I can keep something on his head long enough to take a picture. He's becoming very picky about things touching him lately. He'll even push my hands off if I'm trying to steady him or just keep track of him.

We both spent about two weeks being sick. This was one of several colds we've gotten this winter. Hopefully, with spring so close, we'll be done with all that.

Plants are intriguing, as are strings. He will turn around in circles, dragging a string behind him for 10+ minutes.

Elias recently discovered he has a tongue! And it's long!

Stomach sleeping has become a thing in the last two weeks. These pictures were taken while we were in Texas. Being outside all day tuckered him out!